Yes!!!  He finally asked for your hand...what do you do now?  Find an officiant? Find a caterer?  Find a wedding venue?  Decide who should be your maid of honor? What about other brides maids?  The questions are endless and you don’t want to forget any detail or hurt anyone's feelings.

     Today we will begin a series on how to plan your wedding.  We will talk about what you should do and in what order.  What are the hard and fast rules for weddings and what are some nice to do, suggestions?

     In the first month after you are engaged there are a few things that need to be nailed down quickly.  First decide on a budget for your wedding and discuss how the bills will be paid.  Will you and your fiancée be paying for everything or will your parents be helping with expenses?  Today most brides and grooms split the costs 50/50.  Most parents don’t foot the wedding expenses, they just contribute some monies.  By discussing these issues with family you will have a better handle on what your total budget will be. 

     Finances in hand think about a date.  What kind of wedding do you want to have?  An outdoor wedding?  A destination wedding?  Weather may come into play for these types of weddings.  Fortunately for those of us who live in central Texas weather is usually pretty predictable and mild even in winter.  When thinking of dates look at your work schedule and that of your fiancée.  Are there times when either of you couldn’t or shouldn’t take off work?  Also is there a holiday around the time you want to get married?  If so then guests may be able to take a little extra time off work.

     In conjunction with thinking of a date you will need to begin drafting your guest list.  I would recommend keeping it on a spread sheet so that you have everyone’s information easily at hand. 

     Now that you have an idea of what you want to spend, about the time of year you want to have your wedding, the type of wedding you want to have and an approximate number of guests you need to find a venue that meets your requirements.  Most venues book a year in advance so you will quickly want to schedule time to visit a few and make a decision on which to use.  Many venues now have ceremony sites and reception sites so you can have everything there.  If you want a church wedding then you will also have to see if your church is available the same day that the venue is available. 

     Set a goal to accomplish these things in the first month and check them off your list.  After that you can move forward to other tasks.


Happy Planning,